The Street Kings car club was formed in 1976 by
Charter  members
Aaron Robinson (1961-1979))
Ben Frier (1960-2005)
Tim Hawkins
Martin Blaney
Robin Paschall
Harold Rieker
Generation 1 members
Wayne Hay (1961-1986)
Terry Deter (1957-2004)
Mark Elliott (1963-2011)
Gerald Nelson (1960-2017)
Jeff Daves (1965-2020)
Gary Winn (1955-2021)
Berry Warren
Billy Hawkins
Steve Rogers
Mitchell Madison
Tim Huskey                   Donnie Clark
Danny Apala
Paul Castle
Bernard Short
Rodney Luckinbill
Kevin Leach
Curtis Higgs
Tommy Dugger
Randy McKinney
Clayton Rose
Gary Castle
Ted Maker
James Arrington
James Bench
Richard Calvert
Brian Rowell
Donnie Barber
Brian Woodard
Greg Woodard
Brian Smith
Willie Gilliam
David Manning
Jeff Smith
Mike Finn
Randy Flury
Terry Boyd
John Vreeland
Roger Eddy
Pete Wimsey
Generation 2 members
Butch DeMoss 1973 - 2017
Rob Hendricks 1968-2022
Jeff Flury
John Neuhaus
Shawn Machtolff
Scott Hirzel
Jeff Blair
Randy Flury
Stacy Reed
Larry Grubbs
Raymond Roberts
Shawn Porter
Kenny Porter III
Richard Burgen
Paul Balsiger
Eric Moore
Larry Williams
Tommy Payne
Brad Tobin
Damon Devereaux
Shaun Mason
David Welch
Shannon Johnson
Shawn Widick
Since 2007 members
Chris Short         (1989-2011)
Zac Ferris               (1978-2011)
Lloyd Lentz III    (1946-2018)
Woody Woodman (1951-2019)
Justin Padgett      (1976-2021)
Jordan Short        
Donovan Bashford
Cade Johnson
Jared Trotter
Kyle Short
Aaron Huskey
Bobby Hornbuckle
Stevie Slater
Lynn Guthrie
Misty DeMoss
Justin Shearer
Kendall Housh
Ken Russell
Billy Dickinson
Daniel Brooks
Benny Huskey
Chase Biggs
Sid Drapal
Andrew Vreeland
Paul Johnson
Lauren Short
Gary Boyd
Ben Mobley
Jayson Riepe
Lloyd Peters
Michael Cloud
Sean McAtee
Sergio Areola
Darrell Anglin
Wayne Decker
Roger Prothro
Don Sadler
Jeff Dutton
Dustin "Catfish" Bowen
Daniel Watson
AJ Butler
Jennifer DeMoss
Brandon Smith
Tyler Watkins
Lonnie Hewell
Jackie Knox
Stephen Penrod
Kyle Glover
Brett Hardesty
Shelly Knox
Derek Bashford
Phillip Sites
Kim Blystone
Don Edwards
Matthew Russell
Sean Dunagan
Pat Marshall
Leisha Knight
Randy Yarbrough
Josey Wells
Cody Norris
Kristin Machtolff
Dustin Soper
Rob Prothro
Nick Waltman
Randy & Cindy Sullins
Richard Martin
Jason Miller
Ray Shannon
Blake Bigham
Jeremy McKelvley
Del Woodruff
Melvin & Julie McCoy
Tommy Phillips
​Andrew Nesevitch
John Mullens
Aimee Sanderson
Shane Austin
​Gary Miller
Jason Peck
Dean Wehr
John Cadenhead
Travis Smith
John Mullins
Little Enis (Clayton F.)
Dr. Skip Amis
Devyn Elliot
Fred Perrigan
JR Wright
Robbie Wright
Scott Biggs
​Jim Mcnulty
Kenton Woodard
Gena Riley
Donnie Just
Kevin Brawner
Brett Brawner
Blaine Smith
Joe Sanders
JT Bowers
Chris Bowden
Ruth Littleton
Andrew (Chevy) DeMoss
Cindy Elliot
Jordan Hodges
Jimmy Graff
Cody Short
Juan Arvizu
Josh Alltizer
Jared Welch
Trevor Welch
Steve Hardison
Zach Birdwell
Brandon Kelton
Ben Frier shows up at the parking lot with 66-442 six pack car circa 1979 
       Tim Hawkins "superquick bird"                                                         circa1979
Robin P. tries to relive his teenage years in N. Carolina                          20??
Tim Huskey "dogs" 55 gets a well deserved  break on an early  SUNDAY morning!!!!!!!                  circa1980
Scott Hirzel and David Bowman at M.A.D.

Harold Rieker,Martin Blaney,Tim Hawkins  and Robin Paschall meet at Tim's shop for some old time bench racing.
Bernard Shorts Nova
Martin Blaney in the "Rabbit"! 
This 55 Chevy 150 was owned by Aaron Robinson in the late '70s and had seen it's better days when Aaron owned it.
Martin bought it from Aaron's parents in the mid nineties. 

L to R: Jim Daves in police car ,  R.D. SK President , H.R. V.P.,  Donnie C. secretary                          (1981)
Paul Castle wins fastest car of the month.
(For the tenth straight time!!!!)            (1981)
I think this was at 
T.I.R. ?              M.B.
Andrew Vreeland and Dean Sunquist working on a  Flathead Ford motor.
GEN 1 member  and  Mopar expert Mark Elliott battles a 55 Chevy at M.A.D.                                            (198?)
Gen 1 Member Donnie Clark                                                    (197?)
Harold Rieker and his pop at Street Kings  '82 show 
l-r Gary Castle, Steve Rogers, James Bench, Ben Frier, & H. Rieker
make a pit stop on the way to Ardmore Raceway...

Where S.R. leaves behind some artwork!
                                                  Circa 1983
Aaron Robinsons 42 Chevy coupe
   owned while he was a pre-teen.
  Photo courtesy R.Paschall   (1978)
Lawrie Raceway aka Dragway 77 Guthrie Oklahoma
Starting line
Finish line
Cimmaron River
Staging lanes
Railroad  tracks
   Wayne Hay's Camaro @ Lawries.
  Fresh "stripe" ala M.B. & W.H. (1985)
Harold Rieker's 55 Chevy Bel-aire                                                                                      (198?)
Aaron Robinson shows a few friends how to do a             " street wheelie" on North Pine st. 1978
50/50 pot drawing at SK Sonic 30th  anniversary  Show &  Poker run   1989
N.E. corner of Division & Harrison circa 1980  L to R  Tim Huskey, M. Blaney, T. Hawkins, Steve Rogers,
Donnie Clark, Wayne Hay, and H. Rieker (barely!) . Red GTO owned by BROTHER  BEN who, took the photo.
Tim Hawkins, Larry Williams, and Ben Frier  goofing off in front of JR's shop .                      (199?)
Speaking of JR. here is a picture of his digger at one of the Flashback's shows.                        (1999)
The year we "invaded" the Flashback's uptown show .  JR's 57 and Jeff Flury's Chevelle.          (1989)
Some of the participants at our SONIC 30th aniv. "Dress up '50s contest ."                            (1989)
Kenny Porter III getting crazy at the bluffs                                                                                          (199?)
Scott H. Camaro @ M.A.D.
Generation 1 member Gerald Nelson (left) having fun at SK30.
Guthrie Oklahoma

R.I.P. Aaron, Ben and Wayne.....
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The Street Kings Car Club can trace it's roots back  to 1973 and what can be described as six highly impressionable youths who attended grade school in Guthrie, Oklahoma; Aaron RobinsonBen Frier, Harold Rieker, Robin Paschall, Tim Hawkins, and Martin Blaney.    

At that time and as it has always been, the automobile and one's obsession with them took up a large part of a young man's time, so it came to be that among these six delinquents, around this time, all in a round about way went to see George Lucas second feature film "American Graffiti."

Little did these juveniles realize, something that may have seemed so insignificant would influence them all into early adulthood, and some well into middle age...

Generation 1                                                                    

Sometime around late '74 early '75 these boys decided that not unlike some of the characters they had seen on the big screen, they too needed a car club and came up with the highly un-original name "Dragons". The club or more aptly named "gang" slowly gained more members  and it was soon realized that "Dragon's" was not a cool name. In 1976 Robin Paschall decided and took it upon himself to rename the club "STREET KINGS". By 1981 the club had evolved into a highly organized group with an official  jacket and insignia, and around thirty dues paying members. Several car shows, picnics, parties and road trips were among the events undertaken along with charity fundraiser's well into the late '80s.                                                                                                                                                       Generation 2 

By the end of the '80s some or really most of Generation 1 had let the club fall by the wayside and in an effort to revive the club, in 1987 some of the kids started SK GEN II.

A few people from GEN I along with the GEN II members listed to the left, brought the club back to life and among one of their major accomplishments was the 1989 Sonic 30th anniversary show, cruise, poker run, and Dragway 77 meets.   

Generation 3 (AKA Since 2007 Members)

The traditions continued. Some of the sons and daughters of the originals joined the club. Plus a bunch of new people who were as old or older than the first six. 

Sometime in the mid "00" Zero's a freak by the name of Mark Z designed a so called social media site that pretty well crashed out any semblance of decorum and respect for online clubs and life...Everyone became a narcissist, or a secret squirrel?  Thanks Mr. Zuckerburg for nothing. Apparently in the summer of 2022 Mark kicked John Neuhaus out of the club. I shit you not...
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Same spot 27 years later...
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