A free cookout for the first 400 gearheads, family, friends, hitchhikers, all are welcome!
That's right, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and pop for 400!    Free!
Bring your hot rod, bike, lowrider, 4X4, street racer, ricer, AMC, Chevy, Ford, Mopar, VW....
as long as it has an internal combustion motor...BRING IT! A come and go as you please event.
No trophies, no B.S.
Brought to you in 2011 by
SK 2011.......April 30 2011........the results....
400 people had a free lunch at high noon, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and pop....
Once again SK top hands Sue Green and Ruth Dickinson served 400 meals in three hours!
Look who won the 50/50 pot!
That's right, here we have Valerie Huskey presenting SK 2011 sponsor Gerald Nelson of the "Rockin" N Ranch! the big money!

Next time you see Gerald or Tina tell them thanks for making the SK events happen...
To all the members involved in SK2011.

A huge thank you to all of you for putting on what I thought to be one of the coolest car related events I have been to for a long time. My wife attended with me as well as my dad and they enjoyed it also. This was my second year attending the “get together” and had a great time both years. I really appreciate folks just bringing their cars, trucks or whatever’s out for the rest of us to look at reminisce and wish we had, or still had, one. I live in Stillwater and it was definitely worth the short drive to see this great event. I hope you have plans to do it again.

 Phil Nowak
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