Aarons 42 Chevy
By Tim Hawkins

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The story about the '42 as told by Tim Hawkins' the current caretaker of the car.

"This car is a local infamous legend, the previous owner having brought together a group of boys and forming a car club ( the Street Kings Motor Club) before his demise at the age of 17 in 1979.

 We were classmates and I began to know more of Aaron Robinson as he inspired me to be a gearhead, his '42 Chevy was the first car that I remember that had flames and told "This is a hot rod" at the tender age of 11 in 1974.

 The family farm had been sold in '04 and the '42 out in the back pasture was sold off by the new owner of the farm. Aaron's nephew, Jeremy McKelvey, and I have been friends and I had made mention that the '42 missing bothered me and he made the steps to find it over time and help me secure it in DEC '09 and the owner at the time from El Reno did not want to sale it but relented when the stories of our youth were presented,and kicked in some choice missing '42 only parts, thanks Ron. 

Now to retrieve information of Aaron's build ideas and make plans, gather parts and see if we can make him proud. We know he wanted to build a BBC/4 speed street/gasser or "Street Freak" style car, and had named it after the Troggs song "Wild Thing", and we shared a lot of time browsing thru the Honest Charlie, Blair Speed Shop, and even JC Whitney catalogs circling the key parts we would buy when the money of adulthood came, but for some it just never does........... 

Now is the time to do it........."

This picture taken in the mid 70's by Robin Paschall when Aaron was actively working on the car under the proverbial shade tree behind his folks house on north 7th street in Guthrie. Flames painted in 1973 by Aaron, Harold Rieker, and Aaron's oldest sister Colleen McKelvey.
48 Chevy gasser I found on the Internet to get an idea of the gasser look.
At Steve's MorPower in Guthrie!
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