Aarons 55 Chevy
After twenty some years myself and others are going to do this thing.
What is it all about? Aaron Robinson was a friend of mine and many others that died in a car crash when we were real young....

Read all about Aaron here: CLICK HERE!

I rescued this car from the west side of Guthrie back in the nineties.

Will it be done in time for SK 2018?

If it is blue and underlined click on it!

Bought a BBC out of a boat
Put it in my truck and took it home
Decided to take the car to Custom Autos by Tim where we have some real tools.
Yanked the 327 out....
......with the help of Darryl Gellenbeck who just for history's sake was the first person after me to help out on this project.
Lifted the body off.
Started cleaning the frame and tearing it down.
Moved it back inside and started on the frame work. Aaron Huskey on the rear springs.
Here we see Tim Huskey working on some frame damage in the front of the car.
Aaron Huskey finishing up the inboard spring modification.
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Even after soaking in "PB Blaster" the front end parts were HARD to get off! As you can see one lower A arm was still in place when I took this picture. This is all I got done this week plus getting the A arm bushings pushed out. 
Look at these taillight assemblies that came in Friday! Made in the USA!
Unfortunately these were made in China....they will be put on the front of the car.
A little switch up perhaps? Bought this awhile back from Vic Raupe...don't know what to do now.
By Martin Blaney