D.O.B.                             Oct '62

 Hometown                                                    Guthrie

 How many years a gearhead?                Since 1973 

 Hobbies other than cars                           Two-way communications (radios)

 I got my start as a gearhead...                 When I met Aaron Robinson

 What I love most about cars                    Speed and Beauty

 What I hate most about cars                    Working on them

 Best car I ever had...                                  My 74 Nova AKA the WHITE RABBIT

 Life long hero                                              George Washington, the ultimate rebel.

 I'm really good at...                                     Sales and promotion

 Favorite movie                                             American Graffiti, as stupid as it may sound...influenced my whole life!

My American Graffiti trip >>>>>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE!

 Favorite food                                                T bone steak at Cattleman's in OKC

 Pet peeves                                                     People who drive slow in the left lane!!!!!

 Daily driver                                                    F-450 Super Duty monster truck and F350 SD 6.7L CC SB

 Biggest regret                                    Loosing track of all my gearhead friends and not finding out about  about                                                                                   Ben's death until two months after the fact...His passing was the                                                                                                   inspiration for the start up of this site. Read about  Ben here:  CLICK HERE

I'd give anything to meet...                        George Washington (see above)

 Smartest thing  I've ever done...              Get out of the corporate RAT RACE at Kerr McGee

Best time of my life                                      Today

Current project/s:                                         Get Aaron's 55 out!                                                                                                                    
                                                                                              CLICK HERE or on the pic >>                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Martin Blaney
My stash of cars and stuff in Gutmond Oklahoma!
My dog Max, MEGA MAX to anyone that ask....best dog ever. RIP old friend!
The Gray Super Duty 6.7L towing the Rabbit 2018 
Rabbit at Mid America Dragway 2018