Martin's American Grafitti Trip

June 2, 2011 out in front of my shop in Guthrie, OK ready to roll......
300 miles down the road, Amarillo Texas. The Cadillac Ranch!
A box of rattle cans?
I see, you leave something like your initials on a car!
They have this deal rigged up to keep motorized vehicles and what not out?
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Western New Mexico, you all will remember rock formations like this in TLB.
You all are going to have to trust me on this one, a corner in Winslow Arizona. Not "the" corner but it will have to do. 33' long trailers and stretched pickups don't get along with downtown construction. I drove by the corner but did not have my camera ready!
For more information about the corner click here!
Just outside of Flagstaff Arizona.
Went by and checked out the Grand Canyon, if you have never been there GO! It is just like nitromethane. If you have never seen it in person you have no idea what it is all about!
Okay Ray, In and Out is good. Had the number two!
Got your T shirt Cindy. This is what the front looks like. 
The back is really cool, you will have to just wait to see it!
Golden Gate bridge above.

Headed straight to "Paradise" road when I got to Petaluma. The real name of the road is Frates.
See the real deal here on You Tube! Click on the arrow please.
This is the intersection where toad backed in to the old boy in the '56 Ford.
"Stand by for Justice!" Look at the yellow sign. 
This is where the cop car incident took place. 
The stoplight where this took place.....
This is where Toad took on the guys that stole Steve's 58 and was rescued by Milner.
Wow, and I mean wow. 
I was leaving Petaluma and came across this!

If it were a weekday or Saturday perhaps, I would stop by and talk to the owner. I think he or she get's it?

"Pinky's Pizza"

"Listen, you got any more of those secret agent spy-scopes?... the secret agent spy-scope, man. That pulls in the moon, the sky and the planets... and the satellites and the little bitty space men?"

"You must have the wrong  number partner....."

"If you want to jilly jive bust aroud Fannie Mae..."

So, I know most of you are wondering what I am picking up in California.
Sorry for the letdown.....just a big old X that weighs too much for the lowrider! Headed home s-l-o-w-l-y. May get sidetracked : )
Here you go Neuhaus, the real Paradise road west of downtown Modesto!
Stopped by and had a good visit with Kyle Rhone. Kyle is a fan of ours that made a video for us back in 2009. Check out the video here. Click on the arrow Jeremy....please?
Kyle and myself in Lathrop, California. Kyle will be hired on as our west coast sales rep as soon as he learns how to wear shoes and put his hat on right! 
Got the hammer down, 7.3L Ford Powerstroke headed to Guthrie, see you all!
Mission accomplished 3,400 miles later Cindy Sullins has an In and Out T Shirt!

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