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SK History
SK 2022 Tees!
This years tee features three of the original SK cars from the late 70's.
Top: H. Rieker/Hirzel 55
Middle:  A. Robinson/Blaney 55 *
Bottom:  A. Robinson/Hawkins 42 *
Under construction...
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This page was last updated: May 27, 2022
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Limited Edition
Just a few extra left at WAP and CAP
XL and below $25
2X and up $27
Proceeds apply to SK 2023!
SK Artifacts?
That's right, whilst perusing eBay I came across this program from 1982. 
All the way from Bristol, United Kingdom.
You all may notice the "formed" date of 1979...
This is what is known as Yellow Jacket legacy.
Ask around next time you see some of the original hands for more information.
Have a look at some of the advertisements from sponsors and some cool pictures from the program.
Ione Hotel in the upper right corner.